Flir Axx Video Recording Module

The KIT includes:

  • DPM (wireless mouse and keyboard not included)
  • “Horus Thermal EYE” software with a single license

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Check out FLIR Axx Video Recording


Radiometric video recording KIT for FLIR Axx thermal imaging cameras


the kit includes the installation of our DPM (Drone PC Module) with the “Horus Thermal EYE” software on board


this combination allows, among other things:

– use the dual-screen vision of an RGB video camera (sold separately)

– record RADIOMETRIC videos in .fff with interchangeable palette pre and post recording (and be able to analyze them later)


additional notes:

the software is compatible with ALL FLIR cameras, Axx 9Hz and 30Hz series

the PC module is compatible with any drone that has a video transmitter with an HDMI connection

the weight of the module including wiring is about 150g

the system starts automatically when the drone starts


The KIT includes:

-DPM (wireless mouse and keyboard not included)

– “Horus Thermal EYE” software with a single license



The installation (not included) can take place on any drone with a “5V” connection point and costs € 305.00.

If 5V outputs are not available, it can also be installed on 12V or 24V outputs at € 430.00 including VAT


NB Horus Dynamics Srl assumes no responsibility in case of malfunctions due to installations of the KIT occurred to third parties.

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