Photogrammetry of a quarry with Horus Dynamics drones

Photogrammetry service of a quarry with professional drones

Photogrammetry of a quarry with Horus Dynamics drones

Horus Dynamics shows the countless applications of its drones, among many, the mining industry.
Thanks to our latest generation drones, in a short time it is possible to obtain a three-dimensional scanned model from which we will extrapolate countless data: distances, surfaces, heights, volumes and much more!


Specifically, an area of 39 hectares was mapped with a single flight of our drone Sensefly Mikaela.


Photogrammetry of a quarry with Horus Dynamics drones


Below is the navigable 3d model


The information obtained thanks to our inspection services and to the most modern technologies allow to accumulate a valuable baggage of data that once analyzed and processed, allow to highlight the topographic or geo-morphological attributes of the area in examination, recognizing faults and fractures, where there is a high probability of finding intrusive mineral deposits and any water thickening.

It is also possible to use post-processing operations to detect outcrops of thermally altered rocks, which can be traced to underground deposits. In recent years, large mining companies have extensively resorted to a combined use of predictive and GIS numerical models to identify areas with high mining potential.

Now you can go even further and thanks to multispectral images you can differentiate the lithological characteristics of a region even at a short distance of time obtaining updated and reliable data, for a more efficient management of activities.

Our services can go from the video-inspection survey to the most in-depth multispectral analysis, by means of NIR and RE RGB Sensors, modelling on the customer's needs, in support of his business success.


Services with Horus Dynamics drones offer:

  • Pit & Dump Management
  • Support in the processing of mining plans and long-ternmine planning
  • Haul Route Surface Optimisation
  • Storm Damage Assessment & Control
  • Support in the management of the mining area
  • Monitoring of soil morphology and stability
  • Photogrammetric mapping of remote or inaccessible areas
  • Control for mining in void areas
  • Mapping of steep inaccessible prones
  • Drill & Blast Monitoring
  • Hydrology and Drainage Monitoring
  • Thermal detection of ground water inflows
  • Tailings Dam Management
  • Vegetation change Tracking
  • Inundation Tracking
  • Slurry Pipeline stability & leakage detection
  • Surround Community Mapping
  • Insurance monitoring
  • Impact reporting
Photogrammetry of a quarry with Horus Dynamics drones
Photo of a quarry taken from a height of 75 meters