Horus Dynamics Droni, the article that presents us!

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Horus Dynamics Droni, the article that presents us in Bergamo!


Horus Dynamics Droni, photo of Città Alta Bergamo
Horus Dynamics Droni, photo of Città Alta Bergamo


Horus Dynamics, born at the end of 2014 at the initiative of a group of young entrepreneurs

All under 30, Horus Dynamics specialises in drones and remote control devices: from the simple aerial recovery to more sophisticated inspection surveys, the company based in Via del Guerino in Bergamo is aimed at both private individuals and companies in any sector, Making available services and products, developed also on the customer's precise request.

A success story that took off in a few months, until the recognition by Enac that pose the Horus Dynamics of the administrator Francesco Quarenghi Vaj and the technical director Alessandro Onger in a privileged position in an area that is Getting crowded.

Francesco graduated in international relations at the LUISS of Rome, specializing in international negotiation techniques and Turkophone area: The brilliant results of some research on drones in the military have convinced him of the enormous possibilities in The civil one.

Alessandro has a more technical profile, having entered as a young person in the world of modelling and already for five years in that of the drones, knows perfectly all the equipment: all the staff, then, is endowed with patents and qualifications necessary Required by the flight regulations.


From passion to business: How is Horus Dynamics born?

The company was born, after an intense preparatory work, from the shared passion of a group of young entrepreneurs from Bergamo, determined to believe in the potential of our country. Our multidimensional training, in various areas, has allowed us to grasp the challenge of a new sector, yet unknown to the most but enormous potentials that are confirmed daily by the results.


What exactly do you do and what are the main areas you are addressing with your services?

Our company overlooks the market of drones (APR) with the intent to consolidate as an effective response to demand, advanced technology, by individuals, companies and entities. The solutions offered by our services, from the simple aerial recovery, inspection, to advanced cadastral photogrammetric surveys, up to the development of ad hoc products, allow a valorisation of the customers ' goods and the monitoring of the structures on the Territory , making it possible to increase productivity by facilitating the adaptation of systems to the pace of growth of companies. At the same time we acquire the knowledge necessary to react quickly to a world in continuous evolution, ensuring a rapid development compared to global competition.

In the video is shown a short 3d reconstruction of High city, carried out in about 30 minutes of flight


Have you already worked with public administrations?

In the past, our pilots have often worked with municipalities and public administration, but since the Enac legislation came into force we preferred to stop rather than violate the rules. In addition to the drivers ' patents it was also necessary to write very detailed manuals on our drones and safety procedures, just think that the material exceeds two hundred pages per device. We believe, however, that legislation is useful, in particular because it protects people by imposing insurance coverage. The phenomenon of illegalism however is still very widespread in the sector and is a risk often underestimated. But now all our devices are recognized and we can return to the regime: In the meantime we have taken advantage to develop products dedicated to the sector that will soon be released on the market.

In the video a short revival of San Vigilio and Città Alta


Have you already had special requests or strange?

Yes, for now especially concerning some particular sensors, dedicated to the industry, some of which are already in development.


After a first phase in which the market was quite hesitant, now the drone industry is getting crowded: what distinguishes you from other players and what are you aiming to emerge?

To distinguish is above all the approach to the sector: we look at the needs of customers through services and try to satisfy them by developing mainly products for drones, entirely made in Italy with high quality standards, dedicated to both Individuals and businesses. We leave the development of flight systems to large multinationals that thanks to their resources know how to create cutting edge devices but can not, for issues of volume, focus on the custom device of high level. Our company then tries to combine the best technologies to guarantee the best product available to the customer.


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