Relief with drone of the Astino complex Bergamo

Relief with drone of the Astio complex Bergamo


Thanks to the drones of which we have been possible the relief of the complex of lobster, specifically it was carried out using a drone Sensefly Mikaela that with a single flight from the duration of 20 minutes about us gave excellent results.


Like the relief with drone of the lobster complex, the aerial monitoring of the crops can be carried out with extreme precision even on plots of hundreds of hectares, maintaining a very high level of detail.


Below is the 3d render of the monastery of Asti in the Parco dei colli di Bergamo



By means of a targeted survey and by the use of RGB, NIR and RE sensors, data can be collected, which once processed allow to detect in a clear and glaring possible malfunctions or possible productive optimisations permitting:

Better collaboration
Improves the productivity of business assets with the management of services. Better decisions: reduce risk with productive monitoring and better resource allocation.

Better adaptability
Reduce contingencies to minimize production slowdown.

Better operation
Ensure continuity by improving the security and efficiency of your assets.


Our services range from a single targeted inspection, to a possible constant support of our customers, differentiated according to the season and production needs, aimed at maximizing production. The generated maps become a key tool in the hands of the agronomist and the farmer who can better devote himself to the care of the harvest without wasting time in laborious investigations, but applying his skills in an effective and productive way.


Our technologies allow in a quick time to carry out:

  • Chlorophyll monitoring
  • NDVI Index
  • Stress assestment
  • senescence analysis
  • Biomass and harvest Estimate
  • Leaf area Indexing
  • Phenology
  • Counting trees
  • Growth monitors
  • Crop discrimination
  • Weed detection
  • Tree classification
  • Irrigation planning… and much more


Thanks to the NIR sensors equipped on the drone we are able to note the NDVI index of the ground of Asti



Relief with drone of the Astio complex Bergamo

Relief with drone of the Astio complex Bergamo