3d Model reconstruction

Rebuilding 3d models with drones

Horus Dynamics offers 3d reconstruction services of objects, products, land, buildings and artwork!


3d model reconstruction service with drone

Fully explorable with the possibility of inserting annotations and references, which can be used to obtain an excellent interaction with customers directly from the website, thanks to the 3d models Horus Dynamics You will obtain in result high Precision.

Reconstruction of land with the possibility of inserting projects of photovoltaic panels, buildings and any other structure!


Here are some examples of 3d reconstruction





Horus Dynamics, is a company specialized in photogrammetric services with drones.
Our technologies allow us to reconstruct in digital models objects of any scale and size and allow a 3d exploration from any point of view, with astonishing precision results.
The models obtained can be used for technical or promotional purposes and allow an insertion into websites to allow an examination of the subject without precedent.