Drones for HEC RAS and ArcGis, flood control

Drones for HEC RAS and ArcGis, control and prevention of floods and environmental disasters


Use the data from our drones with accuracy up to 1.5 cm/pixel to make your calculations technically perfect

The use of data detected with drones for the survey will allow a significant operational advantage, precision and recent data, in urban planning and crisis management.

Our datasets are processable in the best software for CAD drawing, graphics and 3d simulation.

The data of our topographic surveys, Orthophotoss and DTMS detected by drones can be easily integrated into CAD and GIS software.


DTM drones


The easy integration in HEC RAS, software developed by the Hydrologic Engineering Center's (CEIWR-HEC) of the United States Army, allows to create models from numerous data sources and ensures a workflow of design and analysis extraordinary. And it provides a whole free suite to make the most of the drone data. Thanks to our software models, it is possible to calculate water surface profiles for stationary and transient flow models, road intersections with bridges and drainage tunnels, and to plan interventions on alluvial planes for the protection Civil, restoration of river riverbeds and structures of artificial reservoirs and public works.
Flood Drones River

Thanks to Horus Dynamics services and drones you will be able to optimize the resources and manage the simulations and the construction of dams, motorways with maximum effectiveness. In our models are possible also 3d simulations of floods and traffic flooding thanks to the high precision DTM models.

DTM drones

Thanks to our drones you will be able to optimize the 2d and 3d visualization and editing

The data obtained with the drones once processed thanks to the software Pix4D and Menci allow to exploit 2d and 3d perspectives for easier identification of the problems and for render and simulations of unprecedented.

By using the rotation, pan, zoom and flight simulation functions within the model in any perspective you can revise cross sections, bridge structures, drainage tunnels, embankments, ineffective flow sections and more.

PIX4D Drones post processing



The Horus Dynamics drones provide GIS data for up-to-date and effective management in hypothetical scenarios and crisis situations


The models obtained at a distance of time allow make it possible to compare different, existing and hypothetical design models, such as bridges, realignments and restores of the riverbeds, interventions in the alluvial plains and other. This allows insiders and stakeholders to evaluate design alternatives and to take into account more innovative and environmentally sustainable projects.



The two images below simulate the flooding of the river 

Flood drones

Flood drones


The highly qualified Horus Dynamics staff will advise you on the best solution for your needs and can support you in the use of these innovative technologies to integrate them in the best way in the daily operating scenario with activities of Consulting and training.