Carrara quarries with Horus Dynamics drones

Carrara quarries with Horus Dynamics drones

Thanks to the Horus Dynamics drones, in particular to the Zero drone, it was possible to explore the Carrara marble quarries


All the models generated in addition to being browsable are completely measurable even through the main CAD software such as AutoCAD and ArcGIS, it is therefore possible to determine with extreme precision the volume of the extracted material, the lengths and the surfaces Analyzed

Here are two examples


The following model, explored in 3d, shows how a wall of the quarry can be reconstructed quickly through the use of drones.

Number of photos taken: 14

Flight time: 6 minutes

Post-Production time: 55 minutes


Through the DTM we can verify exactly the height of the different cuts

DTM Cava Marble

Thermal analysis

Thermal Hollow Carrara Marble



Marble Railway Bridge of Carrara

Number of photos taken: 25

Flight time: 9 minutes

Post-Production time: 105 minutes


This video shows how you can measure in a very short time any distance within the 3d model obtained thanks to the relief of the Horus Dynamics drone

Through the DTM we can set an altitude scale to quickly distinguish the different dimensions



The thermal analysis allows to see any structural problems

Thermal Quarry Bridge


Below is a video showing the quarry analyzed in the inspection by the drone