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The use of the drone is now consolidated also for civil applications, for example in addition to the normal drones for aerial shooting we find devices specialized in emergency prevention operations and fire intervention, for safety uses, for surveillance of Pipelines, with the aim of remote sensing and research and more generally, the Horus Dynamics systems allow the execution of operations in places inaccessible with lower costs than the traditional aircraft, with a safe advantage for your business in terms of rapidity, efficiency and quality of data, from drone videos to the most complex inspection, photogrammetric and sonographic surveys. 

Professional drones for aerial shooting video thermography photogrammetry inspections with professional drone

Our company specializes in designing and manufacturing and selling drones. We manufacture inspection, monitoring and photogrammetry devices equipped with HD cameras, multispectral and FLIR radiometric camera with dedicated software. Our solutions use the latest digital technology and the best aeronautical materials and are entirely made in Italy. In our online store you can find cameras and drones for every need. For specific uses you can also take advantage of our professional drone assistance and personalization service. Explore our range of gimbal, ground station, sensors and drone accessories, you will be able to configure the devices according to your needs. From aerial shooting, to the most advanced services with sensors and camera for drone, up to topographic surveys and 3d aerial. Our consulting service can offer you a valuable help to assess the potential of the devices in your industry. Contact us Our staff will offer you a valid advice in choosing the drone or on the services that best suits your needs!

A sophisticated drone must not necessarily be complicated. Thanks to our assistance you will understand the world of remote control systems and its infinite possibilities. Our devices. With camera and sensors simplify your business intelligently, breaking down costs, making operational procedures more efficient.

Professional drones video photogrammetry thermography and inspections with drone prices gimbal and accessories drones

Choose your video production with drone Horus Dynamics. Surveying topographic surveys or thermography and advanced sensor services. 

In the online store you can space between products with FLIR video or radiometric camera to products for gas analysis and inspections with multispectral camera, you can also find selected technologies DJI FLIR Futaba gimbal accessories software and much Another

Professional drones and services with drone