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Avant-garde technologies for professional drones

Our drone technologies allow photo and aerial video footage, thermography, multispectral analysis, photogrammetry, gas analysis and much more thanks to the Horus Dynamics sensors.

Discover all the news about our drones, about the design and sale of professional drones, the possibilities of our post-processing technologies and our specific sensors.

Explore our Dji and SenseFly drones or professional drones and devices designed by Horus Dynamics, which are conceived and produced in Italy for the highest quality. Discover the drone sensors that can help you in your work; our systems are equipped with the best materials and electronics on the market, which include GPS, Ground Station, Data links, HD Video transmissions, FLIR thermal imaging cameras and state of the art drone software. Contact us for information and prices, our staff will advise you and follow you with courses and you can also provide a service for repair and maintenance, according to your needs.

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