thermal camera for drones

Thermal Camera

The use of thermal imaging cameras on remote-controlled vehicles has made it possible to considerably expand the inspection possibilities of these devices, allowing inspections to be carried out even in inaccessible places, searches for people and animals and numerous other applications thanks to advanced thermography techniques . Horus Dynamics uses Flir technologies for thermography.

gas detector drone

Drone Gas Detector

The possibility of equipping drones with gas sensors and detector allows considerable advantages in the inspection field. Drones equipped with gas detector can identify LEL VOC Methane and many other gases. Explore all the possibility of drone gas detection systems, they will reduce the time and risk of inspection for your Company.

multispectral camera


Discover all the potential multispectral camera for drones and UAVs , the multispectrals allow research in agricolture and industrial applications, such as inspections and advanced monitoring. Whether they are mounted on drones or not standard and custom multispectral cameras  provide astonishing imaging capabilities .

scopri sensori per droni honeywell flir



Hyperspectral cameras allow you to capture both visible and near-infrared VNIR (350-1000 nm) and beyond. Allowing unprecedented analysis. Hyperspectral remote sensing, also known as imaging spectroscopy, consent the detection and identification of minerals, terrestial vegetation, and man-made materials and backgrounds.

sensori per droni telecamere multispettrali re nir

nir camera for sale

RE Sensor

The RE Red Edge sensor is very useful in some sectors including agriculture. The sensor mounted on the drone, explores the infrared band and allows the processing of datasets that allow the elaboration of precise and rapid indexes. Data analysis also allows to analyze plant stress and chlorophyll distribution.

sensori per droni telecamere multispettrali re nir

drone with nir camera for sale

NIR Sensor

Vegetation indices and data of considerable importance for the evaluation of the territory are acquired thanks to the NIR sensor.
The NIR Data can be used widely in agriculture to obtain NDVI, evaluate the distribution of phytosanitary and inspect the quantity of biomass and in numerous other sectors.



Thanks to laser scanners on drones you can perform measurements of extraordinary precision even in the presence of vegetation and obtain reliable and reliable data. In  combination with traditional detection methods,  the 3D laser scanning by drone is able to greatly reduce the time spent on the field and lower project costs.



Geophysical surveys with georadar are increasingly used for the research and geometric reconstruction of underground networks, water basins and much more. The GPR ( Ground Penetration Radar ) is a non-destructive diagnostic technique based on entry into the subsoil or into a product manufactured by radio-frequency electromagnetic waves (100-1500 MHz) that guarantee a very high analysis precision.

Metal Detector

The use of a Metal Detector on a drone allows you to scan the area to detect metals quickly with significant advantages compared to a portable device and allows you to obtain geo-localized maps of the area. The integrated Metal Detector system for drones detects precious metals and metal objects buried up to a maximum depth of 10-15 meters and generates a GeoTIFF image of magnetic field anomalies.

Radiaton detector & Geiger counter

We can equip our professional drones with geiger counters  of different brands equipped with geotags on the map.

oem sensor for drones

Drone Detector on request

At the customer’s request we can equip our Drones with specific sensors, such as sensors for detecting pollution and professional gases.



Contact us if you need to perform analysis with drones equipped with a spectrometer. Subminiature systems for UV, VIS or NIR

Thanks to the sensors for drones and robots and the cameras for the Horus Dynamics industry you can obtain high precision inspections and data

sensori per droni droni professionali con termocamere e sensori gas

sensori per droni.