Video shoot services with drone and sale professional drones

  • Are you a private and want to crystallize with a video footage a particular moment, a special event or just an instant of your life?
  • Do you want spectacular images from new points of view of your property?
  • Want to buy a drone and do not know who to turn to?

Our drone video footage ensures amazing aerial imagery for your audience.

Innovation is made simple with Horus Dynamics solutions.
Technology and progress for your business!


We have several drones to meet all requirements and cutting edge equipment always updated to maintain the highest technological standards.

The drone video footage made by Horus Dynamics guarantees a very high stage impact. For our aerial shots we rely on the technologies DJI Innovations and SenseFly.

Our drones are equipped with latest generation camcorders like the Sony AX100 or Canon 5d Mark III, we also have the possibility to mount other cameras on demand.

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Video footage with drone


Our inspection services dedicated to the private sector will guarantee a considerable saving of time and money. Our services are borrowed from those provided for the industrial sector, allowing us to maintain the highest standards of service, but modeled according to the needs of private customers.

Ensure the best with our ultrasound inspections that can help you in significant areas, from energy certification, to structural checks.

Our photogrammetric services dedicated to the private sector allow mappings of the highest level terrain (up to 1, 5cm/pixel) that can be exploited in the building and agricultural field; photogrammetric pads even allow the creation of fully navigable stereoscopic 3D models.

Contact us for all your curiosity about photogrammetry or other necessities, we will help you.



Thanks to a long experience and specialization in the field, we are able to provide technical assistance for the repair of your remote control devices, components and peripherals even out of warranty.

In our laboratory we make repairs, replacement of drone damaged components and upgrades of devices. We will quickly resolve the cause of hardware problems with advanced diagnostic tools that allow us to replace the defective part with accuracy and low cost; We will also be able to carry out tests and tests of flight in our dedicated laboratory area. Horus Dynamics staff can also provide tailor-made drone training courses, modeled according to the needs of the customer. We also perform brokerage and sales services, modeled on customer’s needs.

Contact us for every need and we will find a solution.


Video footage with drone, professional drones for aerial shooting inspections thermography and photogrammetry with drone


The turbulence of the markets require to the companies a continuous capacity of adaptation and transformation both of the processes and the operation of the business. To manage complexity and continuous change, guaranteeing sustainable business performance, we need to have an integrated vision of the company and its main variables: people, processes and especially technologies. With this in mind, the introduction of technological innovation only serves if it is aimed at bridging its gaps or supporting cost abatement.

Horus Dynamics, thanks to its good team of consultants will be able to support your company and your management in the choices inherent in a market still “obscure” and unknown, but that plays a role of primary importance, in the reduction of costs and for the unlimited possibilities offered by futuristic technologies, which are able to give a great advantage to our customers compared to competitors and to support their business success.

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