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Horus Dynamics ZERO

The professional drone we developed specifically for countless purposes, fully customizable. It integrates a processing unit on board which makes it configurable with almost all the systems and sensors on the market.

From €1,190 VAT included

Ready to fly:
From €3,390 VAT included


Horus Dynamics ZERO-T

The ZERO-T professional drone has been developed specifically for inspection and dispersed surveys, equipped with a FLIR branded thermal camera, and is able to penetrate even in the most inaccessible places to always get there, where the Customer needs.

€5,490 VAT included



Horus Dynamics OMEGA

Professional Ground Station, with FullHD video transmission system, Futaba FASST 2.4 GHz radio transmission with 14 channels, allows control of the drone both remotely and with a fully customizable Waypoint system.

price on request

prices and specifications products for drone


Horus Dynamics OMEGA Mini

Professional Ground Station in “Mini” version, platform with Windows and Android, 7 “touch screen, it allows the control of all the drones with a fully customizable Waypoint system.

price on request

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