Aims aerial shooting services with drone Milano. We sell drones for photogrammetry thermography inspections and HD video gimbal, batteries and drone products

Aerial shooting with drone Milan

State of the art drones for your aerial video footage in Milan

Horus Dynamics Srl, video with drone in Milan

Horus Dynamics offers many services and products for individuals and companies for the collection of images and related data, using the most advanced technologies.

Horus Dynamics, with its equipment, is able to obtain high definition video footage with drones in Milan, in order to increase the value of your service or to improve the performance of the daily activities of the company.

Example of the use of the drone in the environmental sector

Horus Dynamics makes available all the necessary instrumentation, to carry out aerial shoots with drones, for a moltitude of applications.

With our professional drones in addition to the videos you can also do inspections, photographic surveys, topographic surveys and much more.

They can be used for the protection of the environment and the preservation of protected areas, because they can quickly provide you images of very extensive areas, at an affordable price.
These devices are used by environmental engineers or scientific researchers, to replace terrestrial equipment.

Drones can be useful for:

  • The evaluation and the contrast of the spread of fires
  • Control of fishing vessels and illegal fishing
  • Monitoring migrations
  • Monitoring forested areas to fight poaching and deforestation activities
  • The control of river dynamics and the glaciers
  • Monitoring coastal areas and their erosion
  • Monitoring volcanic activities

Flexibility, speed, efficiency, convenience and discretion are all the characteristics that make the drone the ideal choice if you need to make aerial video with drone in Milan.

Aerial footage with drone Milano professional drones for inspections, aerial video footage, thermography, photogrammetry

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