Check out the search and rescue service with drones. Professional Horus Dynamics

Horus Dynamics, thanks to its technologies can carry out search and rescue with drones of missing persons or animals, to carry medical equipment in inaccessible places and even to create extremely precise 3D scanned models that allow the sector operators to probe the area with great meticulousness.

Thanks to the 3D GIS models, it is also possible to organize and plan the assistance and the preparation of the structures for the crisis management.

Our devices also have FLIR thermal cameras, which allow to make available to life the most modern military technologies, going to probe the territory even where the human eye does not see. Thanks to thermal inspections and to the research and heat tracking software developed by us, it is possible to easily identify survivors and missing animals.

Our R & D division also deals with the development of ad hoc devices to model on the needs of the case.

 Our rapidity of intervention and professionalism are the basis for effective service even in such a delicate field.

An eye from heaven to the service of security. Thanks to search and rescue with drones.

Professional drone search and rescue with professional drones