Horus Dynamics provide a wide range of drones for gas inspection and line monitoring, our solution include OGi Camera drones and drones with certified industrial sensor and detector for gas. Our solution are perfect long range for inspection and datalogging

The most common gases detectable by the sensors are:  

Carbon monoxide, (CO): emitted mainly from combustion processes, particularly from discharges of vehicles with hydrocarbon engines, due to incomplete combustion.
Carbon dioxide, (CO2): this gas is also emitted mainly from combustion processes, particularly from discharges of vehicles with hydrocarbon engines.
Light alkyl halides (CnH (2n + 2 - m) Xm, 1≤C≤4) such as Chlorofluorocarbons (HxCClyFz), Nitrogen oxides (NOx) (NO + NO2) Sulfur dioxide (SO2): generated from the combustion of fuels containing sulfur, mainly in power plants and during metal smelting and other industrial processes. It can be contained in automotive fuels. Sulfur dioxide causes acid rain.
Ozone (O3): if present in the lower layers of the atmosphere is a secondary pollutant, formed by photochemical reactions involving nitrogen oxides and some volatile organic compounds. Although the ozone present in the upper layers of the atmosphere (stratosphere) helps reduce the amount of ultraviolet radiation reaching the earth's surface, the one present in the lower atmosphere is an irritating gas and can cause health problems and in particular the apparatus respiratory.
Volatile organic compounds (large class of low vapor pressure compounds, often abbreviated as , Volatile Organic Compounds: include various organic chemical compounds, including benzene (C6H6). They come from paints, solvents, cleaning products and some more volatile fuels (petrol and natural gas). Hydrocarbons and compounds containing oxygen and / or halogens, such as aldehydes, esters, alkyl halides, ethers, alcohols, esters, alkyl halides. By means of professional drone gas sensors they allow unprecedented inspection levels

Gas Detectors Drones

We provide also long range gas detector drones for :

  •  Ammonia NH3
  •  Carbon Dioxide CO2
  •  Carbon Monoxide CO
  •  Chlorine Cl2
  •  Chlorine Dioxide ClO2
  •  Combustible LEL
  •  Ethylene Oxide EtO
  •  Formaldehyde HCHO
  •  Hydrogen H2
  •  Hydrogen Cyanide HCN
  •  Hydrogen Sulfide H2S
  •  Methyl Mercaptan CH3 SH
  •  Nitric Oxide NO
  •  Nitrogen Dioxide NO2
  •  Oxygen O2
  •  Ozone O3
  •  Phosphine PH3
  •  PID
  •  Sulfur Dioxide SO2
  • Radiation
  • Gamma radiation
Our solution could be implemented for drones or UGV robot ground veichle or inspection  autonomous surface vehicles ASV .

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