The integrated system combines the drone with a Metal Detector metal detection device.

The use of a Metal Detector on a drone allows you to scan the area to detect metals several times faster than a portable device and allows you to obtain geo-localized heat maps of the area. To plan a survey mission, simply mark the area of ​​interest on the map and start an automatic flight mission. The integrated Metal Detector + drone system detects precious metals and metal objects buried up to a maximum depth of 10-15 meters and generates a GeoTIFF image of magnetic field anomalies.

One of the main components of the integrated system that allows efficient planning of the survey, the flight planning software that provides tools for easy creation and calculation of flight routes and the interpretation of the data acquired intuitively.

metal detector drone


The integrated system that combines a drone with the Metal Detector allows you to detect precious metals and other buried metal objects, underground cavities or even ancient treasures.

Metal Detector

Metal Detector Drone

  • 3d and 2d viewer
  • Possibility of use both from the ground and from the drone
  • Integrated electronic units.
  • Two different analysis programs (Android)
  • Discrimination capacity of metals for different metals such as gold, copper, aluminum and ferrous metals.
  • 400 g universal probe for 10 m search depth 15 m.
  • Super probe, removable for easy transport and search depth up to 20m 25m.

We also have UGV rovers equipped with metal detectors. Contact us, our technicians will be able to advise you according to your inspection needs.