Drone with FLIR Horus Dynamics ZERO-T camera

The drone with ZERO-T professional camera has been developed specifically for inspection surveys, for the search for dispersed, and the thermal analysis of solar panels, plants and infiltrations.

Equipped with FLIR thermal imaging cameras, available in different models and in different radiometric versions with resolution up to 640×512 and framerate of 30Hz, which offer sharpness and smoothness of image.

Thanks to its small size and easy handling, anyone will be able to enter the most inaccessible places.
Equipped with dual RGB cameras (included) and FLIR thermal camera (not included), it also features a GPS and Failsafe system

GenIcam & Camera Controller software with radiometric recording (FFF)

Tracking software for Search & Rescue

We also develop specific software for the management of industrial sensors and cameras

Drone ZERO-T: From €5,490 VAT included

Together with the drone we also provide the manuals and assistance necessary to directly request the recognition by ENAC and to be able to operate according to the regulations in force.

Technical Specifications:

  • Wheelbase 850mm
  • Configuration 8 X Motors
  • Propellers 14 “
  • Autopilot DJI A2
  • Data processing system with integrated Windows/Linux
  • 700kV High-Torque Motors
  • ESC 40a
  • Batteries 6s LiPo
  • Takeoff Weight 4000-4500g
  • Maximum autonomy 20 min
  • Gimbal Brushless 2 Axles
  • FullHD 1080p Video Transmission system

Search and Rescue

Thermography of buildings and photovoltaic panels

Professional drone

Drone professional drone with thermal camera for inspections photovoltaic panels wind turbines.

Contact us and discover all the potential of the ZERO T professional drone, you will be able to make video and take pictures with radiometric cameras at 30 Hz.

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