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Flir A65 Thermal Imaging Cameras

The use of thermal imaging cameras on remote pilot vehicles has made it possible to broaden the inspection possibilities of these devices, allowing audits to be carried out in inaccessible places, searches of people and animals and many other applications thanks to advanced thermography techniques.
Horus Dynamics uses FLIR technologies for video thermography.

Sensors for drones multispectral cameras re Nir


Sensor RE

The RE sensor allows to analyze the stress of the plants and distribution of the chlorophyl.

l. Sensors for drones multispectral cameras re Nir


NIR sensor

Vegetation indexes and data of considerable importance for the evaluation of the territory are acquired thanks to the NIR sensor developed by Canon and SenseFly.
NIR data can be extensively used in agriculture, in order to obtain NDVI, assess the distribution of plant protection and inspect the quantity of biomass and in many other sectors.


Drone sensors on demand

At the customer’s request we can equip our drones with specific sensors, such as sensors for pollution detection and professional gases.

With the drone sensors and cameras for the Horus Dynamics industry you will be able to obtain high-precision inspections and data.

Sensors for professional drone drones with thermal imaging cameras and gas sensors

Drone sensors.