Discover the drone inspection services offered by Horus Dynamics S.R.L.

Inspection with drone plants and power lines

Horus Dynamics is at the forefront of the development of services aimed at the monitoring of energy distribution pathways, and it is also equipped with dedicated software and of FLIR radiometric cameras specially developed for the inspection services with Drone.

Thanks to our drones we will be able to carry out monitoring at 360 ° to maintain always efficient plants and to rationalize the management costs. The video and ultrasound inspection solutions allow to reach also unusable places to carry out in-depth analyses, detection of efficiency losses and structural damage.

The maps developed following the photogrammetric reliefs of Horus Dynamics allow an optimisation of plant planning and management, with a spatial survey capacity of up to 1.5 cm/pixel, hitherto unimaginable with the technologies Satellite.

Produce more quickly, better, efficiently and at a lower cost. In order to achieve these objectives it is necessary that the industrial plants operate without interruption. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There can be no serious breakdown, no loss of time is allowed. In order to maintain continuously operating systems, many companies have included in their predictive maintenance programs the most valid diagnostic tools available on the market for industrial applications: Thermal imaging cameras and drones.

Inspection with drone power lines solar panels wind turbines.

Horus Dynamics drones equipped with FLIR radiometric cameras guarantee the operational efficiency of your plants