Bergamo company video service with drone and advertising promotion

Horus Dynamics has a consolidated experience and professionalism in the production of advertising videos, corporate and institutional ads.

Video company Bergamo, video with professional drones and promotion advertising drones

An institutional movie has to tell about a Company and everything which it represents, like the staff, the resources at stake and the objectives that it has set.

Drones are an essential technology to achieve an impact result in your corporate videos and give you extraordinary aerial images of your company, for a certain success with your customers.

Through a targeted communication the production of company videos can be a great resource for exposure and for the viral internet disclosure.
When a company decides to invest in a corporate video, it usually wants its audiovisual product is able to improve the productive potential and the strengths that make it unique in the market, this is our job: We understand the business logic and we develop it in institutional videos that can enhance the brand.

We have made corporate and institutional videos, for large companies and movie studio. Contact us to discover all the possibilities. Our staff will be able to advise you on the best solutions and the possibilities for aerial shooting with drones. In addition to the video footage with drone our technologies allow us to shoot at 360 degrees, in HD quality and 4k, and 8k even from the ground for extraordinary results.

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Bergamo company videos made with Horus Dynamics drones will ensure a secure success to your promotional campaigns