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Horus Dynamics specialises in professional drones and  it can provide a wide range of the best gimbal drones and drone accessories such as thermal cameras and multispectral cameras.


Remote control devices in the last few years have revolutionized many sectors. Thanks to their several applications they have proved to be a perfect tool for inspections and topographic surveys. Contact us and discover all the possibilities!

  • Aerial footage
  • Aerial photographs
  • Monitoring with multispectral camera
  • Camera Inspections
  • Surveillance
  • Monitoring of thermal power plants and industrial plants
  • Piping and pipeline inspections
  • Aerophotogrammetry and relief
  • Inspections with gas sensors

Sensefly Mikaela Drone Rental

Drones are perfect devices for video footage but also for inspections of shed roofs and inaccessible points. Discover the drone with Horus Dynamics camera and thermal cameras for advanced inspections. In the online shop you will find a wide range of accessories like multispectral drone cameras for photogrammetry with NIR RE cameras and much more.

In the Horus Dynamics online shop you can find a wide range of drones, from an APR for shooting areas to professional drones for sensor inspections and with a radiometric FLIR camera and or an aerial photogrammetry drone.

If you are looking for a professional drone for sale or drone sensors explore the store. We have a wide range of DJI drones, Sensefly and even professional customised drones. Professional devices allow remarkable customizations and integrations with sensors and cameras for specific uses or industrial inspections. You will also find gimbal, software cameras and accessories, like a multispectral camera controled by a board camera, computer and radio controls and ground station.

Discover the full potential of the drones and find the right drone for you!

Horus Dynamics sells professional drones and customise accessories, contact us for information or browse the store. Our technicians will be able to advise your best according to your needs!

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