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DJI Mavic drone

Dji Mavic represents a new frontier in small drones, thanks to its 24 cores and compact dimensions, it will be able to follow you anywhere for breathtaking shots.

Mavic DJI Mavic Radio drone

The new Dji drone, with its 5 vision sensors, the 4k camera stabilized camera and the 3-axis mechanical gimbal, can capture extraordinary images.

The 4k drone camera with 12 MP image sensor takes photos in RAW and records video at 30fps 4k and in full HD at 120fps, thanks to the optics you can also focus subjects at 50 cm away. There are also different modes of piloting, Sport mode, with a maximum speed increase up to 64 km/h, agility and responsiveness and Tripod mode, which allows to reduce it to a minimum (about 3.6 km/h) for flights in limited spaces.

The camera can shoot 4k video at 30 fps or Full HD at 120 fps thanks to a 12 megapixel sensor. The flight autonomy is 27 minutes and the drone has 4 km of datalink radius of operation with the radio control equipped with display. It also enjoys autonomous flight functions with GPS and integrated sensors.

The controller, which has s compact size compared to the standards, is equipped with the new OcuSync communication system that allows video streams to 1080p up to 7 km away. You will also be able to make live on Facebook, Periscope and Youtube broadcasts in live streaming, from the controller.

Dji Mavic is also available with FPV glasses that allow you to live your flight in a completely different way, displaying live images from the drone that broadcast to 1080p with a lag of the image delay of only 80 milliseconds for maximum manoeuvrability and Precision. The goggles also allow you to control the cameras and the drone with the movement of the head for the maximum control.

Mavic weighs 700 grams and it has folding arms that, once folded, allow the drone to become slightly larger than a reflex.

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