Drone for sale in Lombardy. Services with professional drones for aerial shooting, photogrammetry and thermography

Drones for sale in Lombardy

Design and sale of serial drones. We perform video services with aerial camera drone, photogrammetry, thermography and inspections with FLIR thermal imaging cameras. Discover all the possibilities of the Horus Dynamics drones.

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If you need advice, aerial shooting service or even just assistance for your drone, contact us! Our company specializes in professional drones and our staff will be able to advise you best!

Horus Dynamics offers a professional drone sales service. The drones are in fact real tools of work that do not know any limits in their application. In addition to the already well-known recreational and hobby area, and the video with drone, these sensing devices can provide an incredible contribution in all sectors of production and services, in an unthinkable way until recently.

Thanks to our drones you can also have all the most sophisticated sensors and and the best cameras, even cinematographic, photographic and industrial.

The Horus Dynamics professional drones are not only able to photograpy or filming the underlying territory with the highest quality, thanks to the Sony AX100 and Canon 5d Mark III camcorders, but they can also make photogrammetric surveys, with the creation of stereoscopic 3D models and sonographic surveys. We also carry out courses and lessons on the use and maintenance of the drones and on the main softwares for aerophotogrammetry like Pix4D and Menci.

. Serial drones for aerial shooting and unprecedented inspections!

Examples of application of professional drones for sale in Lombardy:

In the agronomic field, overflying the cultivation can help to reveal the onset of nutritional or phytosanitary problems on the basis of the chromatic variations of the foliage, which are difficult to detect from the edge of the field, allowing you to intervene promptly to solve the problem;

-If you are dealing with energy efficiency of buildings, using the Flir A65 thermal camera, you can know about the heat dispersion of the entire building, including cover;

In the construction sector, with the Horus Dynamics professional drones you can literally bring your eyes to every point of the yard and be present at the forefront during the most critical work phases without any risk;

-topographic detection with large surface drones is now faster and more complete thanks to high-precision photogrammetric measuring devices;

-In the field of the rescue of people this professional drone can make the difference between life and death, being able to identify from the top the warmth of the human body.

Contact us and discover the services with serial drones, aerial shooting inspections and photogrammetry to the highest technological standards

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In addition, if you have special detection needs, Horus Dynamics can mount specific custom sensors on your drones, such as the one used to quantify carbon dioxide.

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Aerial footage and HD video and 4k with serial drones. Our drones will give you Cinematrografico level video!

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