Discover the services with drones for agriculture Bergamo, index NDVI, biomass, and state of health of plants, concentrations of nitrogen in the soil and stagnation of water 

Agriculture drones in Bergamo

From now on, extensive agricultural crops have new high-tech allies, which are able to warn you in advance if nutritional problems or parasitic attacks are occurring in the field, even if they arise at less accessible points.

With the new drones for agriculture of the company from Bergamo Horus Dynamics, you have the opportunity to radically change the way you work, monitoring what happens throughout the field at any time, avoiding wasteful travel and waste of time.

Thanks to the drones we will draw up simple clear and intuitive maps of index NDVI, biomasses, state of plant health, concentrations of nitrogen in the soil and stagnation of water, you will save on irrigation and prevent disease.

Drones professional drones for agriculture indices NDVI nitrogen and biomass

The most interesting applications of the drones of the company Horus Dynamics from Bergamo, specialized for agriculture are:

1) Monitoring of the nutritional status of the crop

The highly sensitive cameras with NIR and RE and ultrasound sensors mounted on professional drones for agriculture are able, during their flight on cultivation, to detect the minimum chromatic variations of the foliage of plants (eg. Chlorine), allowing you to identify the first signs of nutritional or physiopathologies stress caused by freezing and, consequently, you will be able to make timely targeted interventions, saving time and quantity of fertiliser.

2) Health status of the Culture

Thanks to Horus Dynamics you can “bring your eye” anywhere in the field, whether it is engaged by a herbaceous crop or an orchard and look, with the same precision, at the state of health of plants.
Standing comfortably on the sidelines, you can see if there is a parasitic attack on the foliage or if there are fungal outbreaks in the early stages of diffusion. In the field of phytosanitary protection, the rapidity of intervention results in greater effectiveness of the intervention itself, in a lower use of pesticides and, therefore, in a sensible saving of money and time.

3) Estimation of hail damage and other adversity

In case of adverse weather events for agricultural crops, such as hail, thanks to the agriculture drones of Horus Dynamics from Bergamo, if you are a technician responsible for the estimation of damage, you can greatly increase your ability to observe the situation in the field and carry out more reliable and fast antihail surveys.

Drones for agriculture

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