Discover the photogrammetric relief with the drone of Horus Dynamics in Brescia

Photogrammetric relief with drone in Brescia

Photogrammetric relief service with drone in Brescia: the best technology at your service.

You often hear about drones, but what exactly is a drone? A drone is an APR (remotely operated aircraft) equipped with a computer, controlled by a navigator or a pilot, both from land or from another plane, which is able to fly over places inaccessible to the human eye.

Horus Dynamics is a leading company in the field of photogrammetric survey and topographic surveys with drone in Brescia  and it is able to respond to the various needs of companies and individuals thanks to the use of professional drones equipped with the best high-precision machines.

Photogrammetric relief with drone Brescia professional drones

For what the relief photogrammetric with drone can be used in Brescia

Civil operations and
Fire prevention

Environmental monitoring
and photogrammetry

Aerial surveys and
Aerial photography

Looking for people and
Search for Animals

How the relief photogrammetric with drone in Brescia is

The photogrammetric relief is carried out by equipping a drone with a metric chamber, choosing according to the parameters related to the flight quota, to the area which has to be detected and adjusting the shooting times, according to the speed of the drone.

The photogrammetric survey service in Brescia is carried out with drones equipped with high-tech devices, detecting very large areas, buildings, houses, cottages, land and caves. The drones are also equipped with thermal imaging cameras, which are able to carry out searches of people and animals even in inaccessible places.

Photogrammetric relief with drone Brescia

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    Photogrammetric relief with drone Brescia