Photogrammetric with drone Milano. Level curves, DTM and DSM also on large extensions. We produce and sell inspection drones, topographic surveys, GIS and thermography

Photogrammetric relief with drone Milano

High technology and maximum precision: photogrammetric relief with drone

Horus Dynamics Srl, photogrammetric surveys with drone in Milan

If you need to find tools to give your company a new boost, you can rely on Horus Dynamics, specializing in photogrammetric drone surveys in Milan.

In particular, thanks to drones of the highest technology you can acquire accurate and realistic graphical representations of the interested area.

Example of use of the photogrammetric survey with drone in Milan: the mining sector

Anyone working in the mining industry knows that the safety of workers is of paramount importance.

Obtaining photogrammetric surveys through the collection of accurate data from above, thanks to the drone technology, it can greatly reduce the risk and time that the staff responsible must spend on the site. Thanks to the drone we realize orthographies, DTM, DSM, level curves and 3D model of extreme precision.

Each photogrammetric result has great precision and it manages to provide a great deal of useful information: the data obtained by the drone can be used primarily in analysis to increase productivity.
The timing for survey projects and feasibility studies could last days or weeks, using traditional techniques; thanks to the drones, they are now obtainable in a few hours, without wasting time and employment of the workforce.

The relief photogrammetric with drone in Milan in the mining sector can be used for:

  • The management of landfills
  • The assessment of damage in the event of rain and storms
  • The mapping of inaccessible or too steep areas
  • Identification of irregular access and damage to the areas where the extractions take place
  • The mapping, the management of water flows and the detection of erosion

Are you interested in gear for your business? With Horus Dynamics, competent professionals will follow you to explain the drone’s applications and the best suited services to your business.

Photogrammetric survey with drone Milano, aerophotogrammetry with professional drones for level curves, DTM, DSM and Orthofotografie GIS

Photogrammetric relief with drone Milano mesh level curves 3d Ortophoto Geo referenced

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