Discover the Horus Dynamics photographic drones and equipment rental.


Supplied in dual operator configuration, with 2 batteries, professional ground station with FullHD video transmission system and quick charger.

Approved ENAC ref. 8187

RC Insurance Coverage

€720.00 *


Provided in dual operator configuration, with 2 batteries, charger, 4k camera and HD video transmission system.

Approved ENAC ref. 8185

RC Insurance Coverage

€380.00 *

Drone SenseFly Mikaela for photogrammetry and reliefs

Supplied with 2 batteries, charger, 3 NIR-RE-RGB cameras, PC with software.

Approved ENAC ref. 8240

RC Insurance Coverage

€790.00 *

LiPo Batteries and chargers for DJI S1000, S900, S800

LiPo 6s 22, 2v 21500 mAh + fast charging station (charge in 50 minutes approx.).

€50.00 * CAD battery.

€60.00 * Charging Station

Batteries and chargers for DJI Inspire 1

Batteries TB47 and TB48 (depending on availability), with the rental of 3 or more batteries, it is also supplied the charger.

€30.00 * CAD.

Additional Batteries Sensefly Mikaela

Kit of additional LiPo batteries for intensive use of the Sensefly Mikaela drone.

€150.00 * for 4 batteries

€350.00 * for 8 batteries

Drone Horus Dynamics ZERO X8 for thermal Relief

Supplied with 2 batteries, charger, FLIR A65 radiometric camera + FullHD, radio control FullHD video transmission system.

Approved ENAC ref. 8213

RC Insurance Coverage

€890.00 *

Stabilizer DJI RONIN

Supplied with battery and charger.

€130.00 *

-Momentarily unavailable

Drones Rental

For the hiring of drones it is necessary to have obtained the ENAC licence, moreover, if not otherwise agreed, the first rental is obligatory to support a rapid course to the piloting of the vehicle lasting 1 hour approximately at the cost of €70.00 *.

All drones offered for hire have RC insurance coverage within the limits of the current regulations.

Canon 5d Mark III
The machine is strengthened with the battery and the charger.
€100.00 *

Ready Nikon KIT
A Nikon D90 is supplied with battery, charger, fixed optical 35mm f 1.8, 50mm f 1.8 and 18-65mm, and Manfrotto tripod with 3-way head.
€85.00 *

A Canon 5d Mark III is supplied with battery, charger, EF 24-70 f 2.8 L II USM, EF 70-200 f 2.8 L II is USM, Flash Speedlite 600EX-RT, tripod and fluid head.
€230.00 *

Sony HDR CX730
Comes with 2 batteries and charger.
€50.00 *

Samsung Gear 360

Camcorder with 360 ° recording.

€50.00 *

Sony ActionCam HDR AS30V
€30.00 *

FLIR A65 Thermal Camera
Supplied with Briefcase, 13mm fixed optics, Ethernet cable and 2 batteries.
€ 340,00

* Canon EF 24-70mm f 2.8 L II USM
€60.00 *

Canon EF 70-200mm f 2.8 L II IS USM
€65.00 *

Canon EF 24mm f 2.8 IS USM
€40.00 *

Canon Extender 2x III
€25.00 *

Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT
€25.00 *

Bowens Mono 800W
€ 40.00

* Manfrotto 190 XPRO 4-section Tripod
€20.00 *

Manfrotto 028 Tripod  
€25.00 *

Dolly Manfrotto 181

€20.00 *

Statins with prolite and Manfrotto bottoms 
€10.00 *

3 Way Photographic Head
€15.00 *

Video Fluid Head Manfrotto 502
€25.00 *

Edelkrone Slider Plus M
€35.00 *

Autopole Manfrotto 032
€10.00 *

* Prices are to be understood daily with VAT excluded, for rents beyond the day there are reduced rates.

The collection and delivery of the equipment is carried out at our warehouse in Bergamo between the hours 8.30 and the hours 17.00 from Monday to Friday.

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