The future in the service of the past: the inspection with drone of archaeological sites.

The Horus Dynamics technologies allow to inspect archaeogical sites and monuments under different perspectives, guaranteeing services ranging from the tourism enhancement of cultural heritage to in-depth surveys through sensors aimed at evaluating the sustainability of restoration work or create digitalized 3D models of architectural works.

Horus Dynamics incorporates in its values a spirit dedicated to the protection of the territory, considering the fact that our cultural heritage is a source of inspiration and development for our future.

Our remote pilot technologies allow an effective and innovative approach to the preservation of the heritage of all.

We also carry out 3D photogrammetric scans of objects and works of art.

Our technologies allow us to rebuild in digital models objects of any scale and size and allow a 3D exploration from any point of view, with astonishing precision results.
The models obtained can be used for technical or promotional purposes and allow an insertion into websites to allow an examination of the subject without precedent.

Models can be contextualizeded or extracted from the surrounding environment, and you can also insert notes with browsable viewpoints with a simple touch, for explanatory purposes.
The vision both on the web and in PDF, allows if necessary, also a detailed analysis of the subject, with measurements of areas and volumes, inserts in CAD software, in animations or reproductions in 3D printing.

Inspection with drone professional drones for video thermography and photogrammetry

The inspection, survey, photogrammetric and video 3D services of the archaeological assets offered by Horus Dynamics will help you spread information and promote your work.

Digitizing can also be a valuable tool in museum and trade fairs, enabling an innovative reading key and effective consultation from all points of view, allowing large format subjects to become perfect interactive maps, projected into the future.