Our services for the automotive sector mainly focus on the promotion of vehicles and events, our drones allow us to crystallize the thrills of racing in extraordinary images.

We perform aerial shots with Canon camera and Sony technologies, 4k footage, and much more.

Our drones are equipped with 5d Mark III or UHD-stabilized camcorders with state of the art gimbal. Reliability and quality of the service are our prerogatives, especially when high standards are required.  Thanks to drone it’s possible to seize innovative and effective perspectives and give an asonishing point of view. We can also make live streaming HD in real time.
Our inspection department, offers a post processing data service. We provide postprocessing for Pix4D and other industrial software. We also uses the most modern FLIR technologies. Photogrammetric 3D and photographic for the detection of circuits and roads technologies, allow  our customers to carry out studies and thorough research to get the best results from your vehicles, in terms of efficiency, performance and image success.

Shooting with drone, professional aerial shooting drones.

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