Discover our aerial shooting with professional drones DJI

The aerial shooting with drone guarantee innovative perspectives, since the dawn of photography the search for a new perspective and alternative viewpoints has been the key to the success of the great directors.

Differentiated from competition through aerial shooting with the Horus Dynamics event drone facing the world in an innovative way.

The most modern Canon technologies and the best video operators will ensure extraordinary images. If it is necessary, we provide hardware and technical support, allowing you to add to your elaborate that more visual impact that allows success. Thanks to the 3D models recreated by drones you can also recreate 3D maps with annotations inserted in web sites.

We are able to transmit the video from the drone in live streaming even in full HD quality, and to make photo shoots and specific services like video at 360 degrees and virtual photo tours to give a unique show to your audience.

Learn more about our aerial shooting services with drones for events and media.

Aerial footage with professional drones and video from event drone

Our staff will advise you and find the service solution with drone best suited to your needs.