If you are looking for custom drones to cope with the needs of your company or project, we can help you.

Our team of qualified consultants and experts is able to fulli design customized drones, network interfaces and communications.

Horus Dynamics offers an open approach to the research and support of companies in innovative solutions that allow a development of know-how and territory.

Contact us for every sector need and we will make available our resources for the solution of your problems.

In addition to the thermal imaging cameras we design and we install sensors; for example those of gas and custom devices on our drones according to the needs. ZERO drone is a pre-prepared multi-sensor platform, ready for the customer’s needs.

Industrial cameras, Gen Cam, lidar, EMCCD sensors, RE and thermal NIR, 3D cameras and much more. We can configure the drone according to your inspection needs or your goals and professional needs. The drones with sensors for the industry represent a huge step forward in terms of inspection and reducing the costs and preventing failures.

Discover all the endless possibilities of our custom drones. Contact us!

Custom drones with thermal imaging cameras and gas sensors