Discover our topographic surveys with drone Brescia, professional drones for 3D mapping, video, photogrammetry and thermography

Topographic surveys with drone Brescia

Get a topographic survey with high quality drone

Topographic surveys with drone in Brescia for accurate and realistic graphic results

Initially designed for military purposes, the use of drones is now also consolidated in the civil field. They can be fundamental in many situations in the topographical field, because they allow rapid interventions, and allow to operate in situations where the accessibility to the site would be uncomfortable, impossible or dangerous.

In particular, drones can be used to achieve accurate and realistic graphical representation of the Earth’s surface. Horus Dynamics carries out topographic surveys with drone in Brescia and throughout Lombardy: the perfect knowledge of the territory and the experience in the use of professional equipment make this company your ideal partner if you need this kind of services.

The different applications in which the topographic surveys with drone in Brescia may be useful

Emergency Management

Building and architecture

Environmental safety

Tourism sector

The applications of topographic surveys with drone in Brescia

Horus Dynamics photogrammetric products and 3D models give added value to a wide variety of projects in different areas, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Planning
  • Archaeology and cultural heritage
  • Mining industry
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Civil engineering and building
  • Protecting the environment
  • Emergency management

For more information on our topographic survey service with drone in Brescia, contact us! Our employees will be happy to assist you and study with you the best solution to use the drones in your work area.

Topographic surveys with drone Brescia

Topographic surveys with Brescia drone professional drone for photogrammetry inspections.

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