Watch aerial footage of our drones video services with Full HD cameras

Discover aerial shooting solutions with drone. Contact us for information on video drones, 4k UHD cameras and Canon equipment

Whether you’re a private or a professional, entrusted to videos with Horus Dynamics drones, you’ll have cinematic-level images and breathtaking footage with Canon and 4k UHD technologies to amaze your audience!

FLIR drone professional drone video drones

The quality of our camcorders, battery life of the drones, stability in recovery and and a great professionalism of our authorized operators are just some of the features that characterize a drone service for aerial shooting of the highest Level. The 4k HD, timelapse and slowmotion videos made with Horus Dynamics drones offer the quality and prospects of a highly professional service. Our aerial filming service uses the best Flir Canon Technologies and on request RED Epic and other movie cameras are also available . We also have a service of production and personalization drones for the most special needs and we can also install industrial cameras.