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Professional drone for photogrammetry and advanced cartographic surveys.

Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, the Mikaela SenseFly, fixed-wing drone, is designed and built specifically for professional aerophotogrammetry relief. Thanks to the 45 minutes of autonomy and the completely automatic Waypont system of extreme simplicity. It revolutionizes the concept of photographic survey thanks to an unprecedented precision and the ability to cover even 100 ha in a single flight.

Mikaela Sensefly drone professional drones for photogrammetry topography GIS surveys Aerial

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Capture high-resolution aerial images that can be transformed into Ortomosaici and 3D models of extreme precision

It also has the possibility to take oblique photographs, moreover the professional drone Mikaela has the possibility of executing linear and circular landings but above all the capacity to turn off the engines and to realize the geo-referenced shots for greater precision. With its camera from 18MP, it is able to take photographs with a resolution on the ground up to 1.5 cm/pixel.

The images acquired by the Mikaela professional drone have GPS and IMU data and are therefore ready for subsequent photogrammetric processing steps with the Pix4D software included, for the extraction of DSM, DTM, Level curves, Orthomosaic and 3D models.

The Ebee SenseFly professional drone for aerial photogrammetry can create 3d topographic models at 1.5 Cm/Pixel

Ebee SenseFly, the most accurate photogrammetric drone on the market

Technical Specifications

  • Autonomy: 45 minutes
  • Datalink Radio Coverage: 3 Km
  • Wind Resistance: 45 Km/h
  • Linear and circular landing

Mikaela Features

  • Ultralight weight of 700g at takeoff
  • Wingspan 96cm
  • Camera from 18MP RGB, NIR, RE
  • Thermal Chamber
  • Multispectral Room
  • Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • Cruising speed 36-57 km/h (10-16m/s)
  • 1.5 cm/pixel mapping capacity
  • Mapping capacity for maximum flight 1000ha
  • System-assisted Sense fly for flight planning and simulation
  • Advanced navigation Sensors