Discover the services of aerial photogrammetry Milan , topographic surveys with drone for level curves, DTM, DSM, 3d models GIS for architecture and Ingenera with drone

Aerial Photogrammetry Milan

Professional photogrammetry with state of the art drones

Horus Dynamics Srl, aerial photogrammetry in Milan

Horus Dynamics deals with aerial photogrammetry in Milan to help you perform your work in a better and innovative way, especially if you work in the field of architecture, shipyards, agriculture, insurance etc.

Whether you are an agricultural entrepreneur, a construction worker, a professional architect or surveyor, Horus Dynamics gives you the possibility to control the area where your business is located or the shipyard you are working in, and then to act in a targeted and effective way, optimizing the timing and speeding up the completion of the work.

Why would you prefer our service of air photogrammetry in Milan?

For example, what are the cases where you will be useful to use these services?

  • If you need to carry out photogrammetric surveys or detailed topographic surveys
  • If you are looking for a quick method for the census of some areas of interest
  • If you have to quickly realize the reliefs of buildings, palaces, land, quarries and much more

Thanks to the service of Horus Dynamics you can avoid wasting time and consequently reducing the costs to ensure a professional result.

Aerial shooting with drones has a low cost, and they allow you to get quality video content in a correct and realistic scale. In any case, our staff can advise you in choosing the rental or the most suitable applications for your needs.

Photogrammetry Air Milan GIS inspections with drone 

Airphotogrammetry Milano-level curve DTM DSM with drones

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