Topographic surveys drones, level curves, DTM, DSM, ortophoto

Level curves, DTM, DSM, ortophoto professional drones

Level curves

Our models with level curves represent the fastest intuitive and effective way, in order to obtain a precise mapping of the territorial elevation.

Digital Surface Model (DSM)

The digital elevation models we have made allow a clear representation of the distribution of the dimensions of a territory, or of another surface, in digital format.

Digital Terrain Model (DTM) & Digital Elevation model (DEM)

Our DEM output allows you to derive a detailed model of the surface of the ground; the level curves, precise and intuitive, are modelled not to consider the vegetation and to guarantee an extraordinary precision.

The DTM in particular are useful for understanding the floods and for studies on irrigation and drainage.

3D Point Cloud

The clouds of points we create allow the creation of digital 3D models of points that can be used for the creation of three-dimensional structures.

Level curves, DTM, DSM, Ortophoto drone

Stereoscopic 3D

We produce “fully navigable” 3D stereoscopic models with accuracy up to 1.5 cm/pixel. In addition to the professional LCD stereoscopy we can produce output with stereoscopy anaglyph and telescopic mode. Four types of stereoscopic model navigation are available:

  • Cartographic, with a traditional visualization with aerial photos from the perspective of the drone;
  • Vertical plane, where the Y axis is inverted with Z;
  • Full 3D 360°, in which the stereoscopic pairs are oriented at 360° around the subject;
  • Google Earth, “fully navigable.”

Our NIR and RE sensors allow us to process data even in these light spectrum bands, allowing an analysis of 360 degrees, which can also be displayed in Google Earth.


Our geo-referenced ortophoto with accuracy of up to 1,5 cm/pixel are a valuable support in numerous application fields.
Unlike a simple aerial photo, an ortophoto can be used to measure real distances, as it depicts an accurate representation of the Earth’s surface as it has been adjusted on the basis of topographic surveys, lens distortion and to the orientation of the camera.
Templates can also be viewed in Google Maps.

Special Output Date

Our special sensors on request allow us to satisfy also the needs of the sector.

Postflight Report

We produce flight analysis reports and we take advantage of the best specialists in the field of output information management. The processing of data of level curves, DTM, DSM, ortophoto and other sensors will be accompanied by useful information and a rich dataset.

Level curves, DTM, DSM, Ortophoto.

Contact us, thanks to our data processing service for level curves, DTM, DSM, ortophoto and our cameras you will simplify your work!

Level curves, DTM, DSM, Ortophoto

Level curves, DTM, DSM, Ortophoto professional drones-photogrammetry topography drone inspections video.