Discover the advantages of the drone thermography service; Thermography with professional drone and FLIR thermal imaging camera; inspections with Horus Dynamics camera.


The Thermography service offered by Horus Dynamics allows for radiometric analysis from the ground and with high-precision drone. Our professional drones are capable of recording radiometric video with FLIR A65 thermal imaging cameras. 

Discover a world never seen before, with Horus Dynamics thermal inspections. Explore the capabilities and benefits of thermal filming, our inspections with a radiometric camera will allow you to check in depth hotspots and malfunctions of photovoltaic panels; it is possible carry out inspections of turbines and windmills, inspections of buildings in inaccessible places and even to see and detect any leakage of water from the pipes. We can also use the drone also to assess the heat loss of properties with astonishing precision.

We have several drone so we satisfy all the requirements of service and equipment always updated, in order to maintain the highest technological standards. For our thermography services we rely on FLIR technologies and professional applications and drones directly developed by Horus Dynamics. Drones also have a “standard” RGB HD camera that can be equipped with additional sensors and other on-demand cameras.

Thanks to our FLIR cameras we produce radiometric footage, dedicated to those who have the highest requirements for unprecedented inspection surveys. By taking advantage of the drone’s secondary camera, in color, you will also get a full HD comparison image.

Ensure the best with the thermal imaging services with drone Horus Dynamics.

  • Thermal dispersion due to lack of insulation;
  • Thermal bridges,
  • Lattice inspections
  • Inspection of bridges and structures
  • Checking moisture in masonry and soil leakage
  • Warehouse Inspections
  • Chemical Plant Inspections
  • Inspections of pipelines and industrial plants
  • Structures of reinforced concrete slabs;
  • Presence of ducts of electrical systems and/or channelling of water-sanitary and thermal systems in operation;
  • Ammorsature between masonry structures with different textures and materials.

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