Discover the topographic surveys with drone Milan, thanks to the professional drones Horus Dynamics does inspections, topographic surveys and photogrammetr. We sell and manufacture professional drones.

Topographic surveys with drone Milano

With drones, a high-resolution topographic survey

Horus Dynamics SRL, topographic surveys with drone in Milan

Horus Dynamics is a leading company in the supply of topographic surveys with drones in Milan and throughout Lombardy: the experience on this area and the competence in the management and piloting of these professional devices make this company the right interlocutor if you need this type of service.

Nowadays the drones can be used for infinite purposes in the civil field, but at the beginning these devices were designed to be exploited for military purpose.

Thanks to the services of survey photogrammetric with drone in particular it is possible to create 3D models completely measurable and insertable in the main softwares, the GIS surveys for architects and engineers are extremely accurate. It is also possible to mount on the drone a NIR camera and RE for agricultural mappings.

Example of the use of topographic surveys with drone in Milan: the agricultural sector

As mentioned in the first paragraph, drones can have endless opportunities to use, for example, they can give an added value for monitoring from above and discover the best time to harvest crops.

With a drone, you can capture extremely accurate field images, whatever their extent: drones can also cover hundreds of hectares with a single flight, resulting in a far greater resolution than other devices.

The map, that can be created as a result of merging the detected images, is the key to increase the yield of the soil, reducing costs and waste. The drone in fact highlights which areas need a more thorough examination and what are the plants that need more care.

The topographic surveys with drone in Milan can collect a large amount of data for:

  • Counting plants;
  • Check the right crop spacing;
  • Check the correct operation of the irrigation systems;
  • Observe and make an estimate of the damage as a result of atmospheric phenomena;
  • Identify possible spreads of pests, diseases or weeds;
  • Change or improve the strategy and timing of chemical treatments.

Topographic surveys with drone Milano professional drones for aerial shooting video inspections and photogrammetry

Topographic surveys with drone Milano

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