Discover the services with professional drone for aerial shooting Brescia, thanks to our drones you will bring your work in the future!

Professional drone for aerial shooting in Brescia

Professional drones for aerial shooting in Brescia, for a professional result of quality, contact Horus Dynamics.

Professional drone for aerial shooting.

The best Horus Dynamics professional drones for your aerial shots in Brescia

Horus Dynamics is a company specializing in the states of the art drones and remote control devices. Thanks to the use of a professional drone for aerial shooting, you will have video of extraordinary quality thanks to the technology of cameras or professional camcorders Canon and 4k UHD of which are equipped. The shots obtained thanks to the drones are of the highest quality, ensuring a visual experience of excellent level.

Professional drone for aerial shooting Brescia

If you are looking for a way to make aerial shots that are as professional and as sharp as possible, the ideal solution for you is to use a drone.

Horus Dynamics offers a wide range of solutions and a wide variety of services in the choice of aerial shooting drone in Brescia, providing various professional drone models including:

  • Drone DJI Spreadingwings s1000, it is the best choice for those who want to have a recovery and maximum efficiency from a multirotor; the Canon 5d Mark III features aerial filming even in low light conditions
  • Drone DJI Inspire 1, it’st he perfect crossover between excellent flight performance and video shooting quality, with standard resolution coming up to 4k,
  • Drones Horus Dynamics HT2, it is used primarily to perform 4k quality inspection surveys and it is equipped with FLIR technology to perform ultrasound; This drone offers a service to 360 ° to the customer
  • Drone SenseFly Mikaela fixed wing, one of the drones with best artificial intelligence for flight and data collection, it is able to optimize the routes for extremely precise reliefs up to 1,5 cm/pixel; the body is also light and dynamic

Horus Dynamics is a company that puts in front of all the quality and the full satisfaction of the customer that must have the maximum from its product. All the professional drones guarantee aerial shooting at Brescia of extreme quality. We offer, in addition to the sale of professional drones, a full service of consultancy and assistance as well as the possibility of renting.

Professional drone for aerial shooting Brescia professional drones for inspections photogrammetry thermography

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