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Photogrammetry in Bergamo

With state of the art drones

Our service of photogrammetry in Bergamo is aimed at architects, surveyors, engineers, municipalities, farmers, insurers and much more.

Horus Dynamics, in fact, thanks to its technologies can carry out search and rescue of missing persons or animals, to carry medical equipment in inaccessible places and even to create extremely precise 3D scanned models that allow the sector operators to probe the area with great meticulousness. Moreover, the most modern photogrammetric and inspection technologies mark a significant step forward in the evaluation and estimation of the damages in the insurance field, allowing to obtain together images and reliable data for the surveys.

We perform photogrammetry in Bergamo assuring high precision results and offering post processing technology services.

The service of photogrammetry in Bergamo offered by Horus Dynamics foresees the use of drones of high technology, which ensure photogrammetric reliefs of land, houses, buildings, quarries and other places of maximum precision. Photogrammetry is an important technique that allows to acquire metric data of an object (form and position) through the acquisition and analysis of a pair of stereometrici frames. We also carry out geo-referenced topographic surveys with the fiduciary points. The data obtained from the drone allow us to create high-precision 3D models for architects, engineers and surveyors. Models allow you to get through special software, orthofoto from drones, point-level curves, DTM and DSM.

Photogrammetry with drone surveys topography GIS level curves and inspections with professional drones

To carry out our service of photogrammetry in Bergamo
We have the following sensors available:


S110 NIR


S110 RE


S110 RGB

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